On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Fnac Spain has organized a collective exhibition in which six illustrators reinterpreted the covers of books, records, films, videogames and technological gadgets from about 25 years ago. It has been a pleasure to participate with Ana Peñas, Carla Fuentes, Conxita Herrero, Mar Hernández and Laura Liedo in a collective exhibition about our ideas of how they will be in 2043

The aim of the first commission was the reinterpretation of the poster of "The Day of the Beast" (1995), by Alex de la Iglesia. I have worked based on the idea that in 2043 the films will be interactive, allowing the viewers to participate in some aspects, such as changing the point of view of the camera, placing the action in different scenarios or putting oneself in the place of one of characters. Another change is that there will be no cultural barriers and they will adapt to all the languages and characteristics of each area of the world.

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